Not just for kids...Strawberry Remineralizing Tooth Powder is Ahhhhmazing!  Made with 100% natural ingredients that are safe and effective for the entire family! 

Why Remineralizing Tooth Powder?

Our traditional well known store bought pastes contain's been sold to us as dental health but is a toxic substance and a known neurotoxin!  
The word is getting out and people are doing the switch to natural pastes now but there is still a problem...glycerin.  Though glycerin is all natural, non-toxic, it actually works against keeping teeth strong and healthy because it coats the teeth preventing mineral absorption.  
Crunchy Mama Bear has come up with a Remineralizing Tooth Powder and now a STRAWBERRY Remineralizing Tooth Powder that is free of fluoride and  glycerin!
It will help with gum and tooth health, prevent plauque, and kill odor causing germs to leave your mouth clean and fresh!


TO USE: Simply wet toothbrush, dip in powder, and brush like normal twice a day.


Ingredients: Made with betonite clay, calcium carbonate, baking soda, dried strawberries, xylitol (natural sweetener) and peppermint.  


4 oz jar typically last an individual 3 months being used twice daily. 



Strawberry Remineralizing Tooth Powder