Dry brushing is a practice that helps promote healthy lympatic flow, improves skin cell renewal, and can break up cellulite.  



If you're new to dry brushing this may sound like a lot but I promise it gets easier as you learn.  You'll come to find this 5-10 routine will be something you look forward to and over time will see and feel the amazing benefits of dry skin brushing.  


Use prior to showering, daily, on dry skin.   Start with long slow strokes on the top of your feet brushing upward toward the heart.  Get the front and back of legs and thighs.  Next in an upward motion get your buttocks and sides (love handles.  Next in a clockwise motion starting at the belly button work your way out to the outside of your stomach and come back in again, do this a few times.  Next, starting at the top of your hand brushing toward the heart do each arm.  Lastly go over each shoulder a few times and down.  This is personally the most sensitive area for me.  Don't forget to do your armpits or sides.  


Dry brush is made with natural bristles, a wood backing and a handle.  Wash every 3-4 weeks.  


For more instructions visit YouTube and search "Dry Brushing Tutorials"


After showering, I recommend using our Polynesian Body Butter or Magnesium Lotion to help remoisturize your skin.  


Dry Brush

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