REady to gift body detox set.  


Dry Brush-Helps to improve skin texture and remove cellular waste via the lympathic system.  Removes dead skin cells and helps with circulation. 


Detoxing & Mositurizing Mineral Bath Soak 8 oz- Made with Himalayan and Dead Sea Salt, Coconut Milk, Essential Oils of Grapefruit, Cypress and Bergmont. 


Polynesian Body Butter 4 oz-Deepyly hydrating, non-greasy skin moisturizer.  Scented with essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Vanilla and Tangerine. 


How to use Dry Brush:

Before showing, using long slow strokes start at the top of your feet and brush up.  Continue to the ankles and up the legs, behind the knees and up the thighs. Next in an upward motion get your love handles and buttocks.  Then start at your belly button and brush clock-wise out and back in again. Then do both arms starting at the top of the hand.  Next get the underside of the arm and go down the armpit towards the heart.  Lastly brush your neck and shoulders always going downward.  This should take 3-5 minutes.  Do it before showing.  Clean dry brush with soap and water ever few weeks.  The more you do this the better the results.  You may experience some skin sensitivity when first doing this but your body will get use to it.  


For more instructions search "Dry Brushing tutorials" on YouTube.  Each may have their own style but this is my preferred way to dry brush.  


Body Detox Gift Set

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