Why all natural deodorant?  Well we must talk first about breast. Breast are made of vessels, glands, and lymph. The lymph system is responsible for removing toxins and waste from our bodies.  With traditional antiperspirant deodorants the aluminum and other synthetic ingredients trap those toxins inside our body. Of course no one wants to be a sweaty stinky mess so what is the solution?  


Crunchy Mama Bear's All Natural Deodorant will not stop the body from sweating, sorry that's the bodies natural way to eliminate toxins!  When you sweat the Kaolin Clay and Arrowroot Powder will help absorb the moisture. The smell is bacteria having a environment to live and grow. The Magnesium Hydroxide will alkalize the environment in the arm pits and the Essential Oils will help kill odor causing bacteria! 


I HIGHLY suggest using Crunchy Mama Bear's "Armpit Detox Mask" in conjunction with this deodorant. It will help the transition to an all natural deodorant and if you've already transitioned it will help maintain a healthy lymphatic system removing toxins quickly overall making you stink less!


IMPORTANT APPLICATION TIP:  Swipe onto clean armpit once, move arm back and forth or rub in with fingertips. Let dry a moment. Our deodorant may be softer than traditional deodorants you'll find that you don't need to apply as much! 

Also note that our original recipe was made with Yellow Raw Shea Butter, we have switched this to White Raw Shea butter helping lighten the color of the deodorant.  



  • Peppermint-Tea Tree is a fresh clean scent and has a natural cooling effect as the body warms!
  • Lemongrass-Lime is mood lifting and fresh! 


  • French Lavender-Sweet Floral Lavender, well known to relax the body and mind!


  • Citrus Spice-Created for men but a scent all genders will love!  A blend of Clove, Sweet Orange and Cedarwood


  • Fresh & Sweet-Smells just as the name describes,  a blend of Peppermint, Wintergreen and Clove.


  • Fresh & Clean-Subtle Lemon, Grapefruit & Peppermint



Ingredients: shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, magnesium hydroxide, kaolin clay, arrowroot powder, essential oils. 



All Natural Deodorant